Services Offered

Capital Mobilization

Investlink provides innovative Capital Market platforms through which Investors can channel financial resources towards productive uses for acceptable risk and return. Investlink facilitates access to foreign and local capital for businesses operating in Zimbabwe. The unit provides a interactive platforms that channel financial resources from surplus areas to deficit areas.

Feasibility Research and Analysis

In some cases individuals or corporates will identify an investment opportunity; Investlink will provide an in-depth analysis of the opportunity and assess the financial and operational feasibility of the opportunity. Investlink will produce Due diligence reports that help Investors make informed decisions. Enquire about any sector or company of interest in Zimbabwe and we will give you relevant up-to-date information that will help you make informed capital allocation decisions.

Corporate Advisory Services

Investlink provides other corporate advisory services in company restructuring, mergers and acquisitions. The unit offers debt restructuring solutions for debt burdened companies as well as Balance sheet and Business model restructuring and clean up solutions.

Capital Market investment facilitation

Investlink will assist interested Diaspora investors to invest on various capital market platforms including the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and the Money Market, through instruments such as Treasury Bills, Bankers Acceptance, Negotiable Certificate of DepositĀ  (NCD) and Promissory notes. Investlink can also assist Investors to invest in Corporate and Government Bonds with attractive risk and return profiles.