Investment Avenues

Stock Market (ZSE)

Investlink can facilitate interested investors to participate on the ZSE, through investment account openings and research on listed companies and sectors.
The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) is an automated stock market with over 74 listed counters being traded, the Market is US$ denominated giving it an edge against regional stock markets denominated in currencies relatively weaker than the US$.
Stocks on the ZSE are relatively undervalued compared to the region using Fundamental Multiples comparison. Hence this is the time to move in and buy low and hold to sell high when re-pricing occurs.

Money Market Investments

Investlink can facilitate for willing investors to invests on the local Money market.
The Money Market is an investment platform for short term debt instruments offered by Banking Financial institutions, these comprise of Investments with tenures below 360 days ranging from 30, 60, and 90 up to 360 Days. Investments can be secured by Treasury Bills, Bankers Acceptance (BA), Negotiable Certificates of Deposits (NCD) and Aftrades.
Zimbabwe is offering attractive money market investment rates. People in the Diaspora should take advantage of this by investing in Zimbabwe in the money market through Homelink. This is set to improve the country’s liquidity if adequate levels of investments are mobilized.
The Government of Zimbabwe through RBZ is selling Treasury Bonds (TBs) at mixed negotiable interest rates for tenures varying from 1 years to 5 years.

Diaspora Bonds

The Zimbabwean Bond Market is fast evolving with an Active Bond Market being currently set up on an organized exchange platform, this will introduce a variety of Fixed Income securities that offer a wide range of structures suited for different Investor needs.
Investlink will be floating various Diaspora bonds to raise capital and this will provide the Diaspora with another avenue for investment income. The Bonds will have structures tailor made to suit the Diaspora Investing public and will have a number of enhancers that improve the risk and return profile.

Private Equity Investments

Investlink has identified opportunities in private limited companies with bankable business models and expanding markets. Opportunities stretch from joint ventures, outright acquisition, partnerships among other structures. Investment can be made through a wide spectrum of avenues that include: Debt or Equity structures that include, Convertible Debt, Plain vanilla Debt, Redeemable Preference Shares, Structured Debt or Syndicate Funding among other structures.
List of some of the Private Equity opportunities in various sectors

Key sector Investment

Investlink has conducted expensive research on key economic sectors of the Zimbabwean economy which include, Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Energy and Power, Infrastructure development, Technology and Information systems among others. the Division has identified investment opportunities in each of these sectors that Zimbabwean in the Diaspora can invest in. Investlink can further facilitate the investment process through provision of Due diligence reports, licensing and registrations including all regulatory approvals on behalf of investors.
it’s simple, thinking about investing in Zimbabwe?, then Investlink is you link

Pooled Funds

Investlink provides platforms for investors in homogeneous markets to come together and contribute financial resources that will be invested in an organized manner in various investment opportunities in Zimbabwe.
A collective investment scheme is a way of investing money alongside other investors in order to benefit from the inherent advantages of working as part of a group. Around the world large markets have developed around collective investment and these account for a substantial portion of all trading on major stock exchanges and private equity investments.

Among the Investment opportunities that investors can collectively invest in through pooled funds are the following

Private Equity Fund

Distressed private companies
Greenfield Investments in new companies
Brownfield investments into existing operational companies
Property Development Fund

Project financing, Cluster homes, High rise flats etc
Buy and upgrade portfolio
Undervalued buys portfolio
Property Development Bonds, secured by property
Financial Investments Funds

Discounted Treasury Bills ( Margins 15% to 25%)
Corporate Bonds
Government Bonds
Listed Equity
Money Market Investments
Discounted receivables
Venture Capital start up Funds

Invest in startup companies with identified and engaged market, working and tested business models and capital guarantees.
Alternative Energy Solutions