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Easylink started its operations in May 2010 and has over the past years grown to be one of the leading money transfer companies in Zimbabwe. Easylink is an agent of a leading and reputable International Money Transfer company, Western Union which has an established network around the world. To date, the company has 24 branches countrywide.

Inbound Money Transfer(Sending Money to Zimbabwe)
Zimbabweans abroad can send money to their family and friends through Western Union. Recipients can receive money through Easylink money transfer agent, a partner of Western Union Money Transfer. Easylink offers a transparent and risk free channel through which recipients can receive their cash. With Easylink your money is ensured right to the moment it is safe in the recipient’s hands.

Outbound Money Transfer(Sending money Outside Zimbabwe)
Easylink has a network of branches through which money can be send overseas as well as inside Zimbabwe (Domestic money transfer).

Buying and Selling Of Foreign Currencies

Easylink also buys and sells the following foreign currencies: US dollars, Pulas, British Pounds, Euros, Chinese Yuan and South African Rands. You can buy and sell these currencies at any Easylink branch countrywide.  

Powerplus (ZESA Prepaid Electricity)
Easylink now offers purchase of electricity tokens from all its 24 branches across the country. The system will be upgraded soon to allow online purchases of electricity by the Diaspora Community. Easylink is committed to continuously develop convenient solutions for its valued clients.